My Writing

A Little Bit of Flash Fiction…

She pushes open the door and listens to the familiar squeak as the hinges complain about the movement. Like old bones. It’s a comforting sound. The stresses and strains of the morning begin to wear away. A different world lies before her; a world of magic and adventure. Just where would she go to today?

Still for a moment, she stares at the possibilities before her. She can travel anywhere her heart desires, so strong is her magic. It carries her to places far and wide. She can live a thousand lifetimes and see the things that only dreams are made of.

She closes her eyes and steps out. Today she flies amongst the stars, their tiny specks of dust cover her,  shining and illuminating her with wonder and a power so strong it could make time itself stand still.

She can be whoever she pleases, wherever she pleases. She breathes the freedom of a story untold, a world not yet created. Who is she?

She is of course, a writer.


Autumn Leaves

Today I awoke to the sound of rain. It’s not an unpleasant sound, not at all. As it entered my consciousness my first thought was  ‘I’ll need my wellies today’.


I love autumn. I love the colours,  I love the light as the sun sits low in the sky and gives everything an amazing intensity. Every sense is catered for: The smell of rain and woodsmoke. The taste of a fresh morning, like the first bite into a crisp, juicy apple. Nature provides a feast for the eyes as the leaves on the trees enthrall us with their colour and beauty before they finally, ever so gently, loosen their grip and drift gently to the ground. The sounds of the wind and rain,  the splash of a puddle and the crackle of a bonfire.  Yes, I do so love autumn.


And my very first post from 2015… A New Beginning

It would seem that life holds many moments when you look towards a fresh start.  New Years being the obvious, then there’s new job, new relationship, new haircut, new home.  There are also those times when you manage to take stock of what’s been, rest and start again.  The end of the school year holds those feeling for many parents.  You take a deep breath and think next term I’m going to be more ….. (fill in the blanks). There always seems to be that moment when you feel that this time it will be better, you’ll be better.  How refreshing would it be to just enjoy the moment and not constantly feel that you should do better but feel that you have done your best at that time and then move on to the next adventure.  No regrets, but simply ‘I did good, I built some memories, I had fun.’

I’m about to begin my final year of a degree I have been working towards over the last few years.  Each module I begin with thoughts of staying ahead of my study planner, reading every teeny, little bit of the set texts and workbooks whilst achieving great marks along the way.  The reality is that just a few weeks in, as real life takes hold, my study planner has gone out the window and I somehow bumble my way through the next eight months until the final exam is taken or assignment submitted.  I do get there though,  I’m exhausted but I get there and at present am set to graduate next year.

It has been a great experience and my highest achieving modules have been in creative writing which of course is my ultimate aim.  I have the writing bug you see.  So many stories floating around my head and so many characters and I can’t wait to watch them flow from the nib of my pen onto paper or through the keys of on my keyboard onto the blank screen before me.   These characters are very dear to me you see and I still have so much to learn about them. Some of them aren’t particularly loveable, others will grab your heart, squeeze it tight and fill you with joy. All of them are just itching to come out to play.  I look forward to introducing you to them soon.  🙂


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