Super Stan by Elaine Wickson and Chris Judge

Can you believe how quickly May is racing by? Well there is still time to join in with this month’s Read With Me… book club choice. Today I’m chatting about Super Stan by Elaine Wickson and illustrated by Chris Judge. Of course you don’t have to read it in May – you can contribute comments at any darn time – just get reading this fab middle grade book.

What’s It All About?

See how Stan copes with Fred’s plans to save the world as he charts all the ups and downs in a series of hilarious infographics in this highly visual book which is full of laugh-out-loud moments readers will love!
Super Stan is published by Oxford University Press.

This is one hilarious book! and another fantastic addition to the Stan books. There are three in total (so far…she says hopefully). Planet Stan, Action Stan and this, the latest, Super Stan. They are all extremley funny and great for even the most reluctant of readers. They also contain the most fantastic illustrations by the marvellous talent that is Chris Judge.

Stan is the most likeable chap I’ve ever come across in a book (and possibly in real life). I love his outlook on life and the way his younger brother Fred almost drives him, ever so slightly crazy. I also love the fact that each page has a mood gauge. It’s awesome and I think we should all have one… although mine is quite often somewhere between ‘Fish Out of Water’ and ‘Out of My Depth’ but this book certainly raised me up to ‘Whale of a Time.’

If you have a young reader in the house who can be a wee bit tricky to get picking up books then Stan could possibly be just the boy to get them reading. Super Stan is perfect for any old book worm too and all those inbetween! I love that it is so much fun to read and yet touches on really important subjects that children are affected by and really worry about.

So – have you also been reading Super Stan this month (or anytime before)? Are you inspired to go grab a copy and add him to your reading pile? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. it would be great to hear from you.

  • If you’ve read it then let me what you liked about it?
  • Did you have a favourite part?
  • What was most inspiring about it?
  • Who would you recommend it to?
  • What book do you think you’d like to read next?

Any book chat is very welcome here.

If you want to find out more about the world of Stan then why not head over to Elaine Wickson’s website… it’s fantabulous and even has a few words. Just click here to be whisked over there right now!

Thank you for joining me and don’t forget to share the book love….
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