Flash Fiction – Propeller by Shelley Fallows

The world outside felt alien and lost. The light had faded for a time and when it re-emerged it was paler, thinner somehow. Everything had changed. The weight felt heavy in her chest. Breath came slow and shallow.

‘I wish it could be like it was before.’

But it never would be.

A noise cut through her thoughts. Harsh and sharp like the the cold air that filled her lungs. She looked up and to her surprise saw a helicopter coming towards her. The sound gradually increasing until she could feel the vibrations running through her. It flew over her head and landed in the grass playing field that lay behind her. The noise did not cease, the propellers driving around and around. The weak sun shone against the window casting reflections of the surrounding tress. No one got out.

She lifted an arm as if to wave. Still the noise tore through the air, obliterating all other sound except for the beating of her heart and the blood that rushed through her veins.

And then the noise stopped as though a mute button had been hit. The world continued to move as did the blades, but silence filled the air, heavy and oppressive.

Suddenly a bang exploded tore through the air and then nothing. She dropped to the ground.

About the author

Shelley Fallows

Shelley has always loved stories and spends a great deal of time reading them and a little time writing them. When she’s not furloughed she works as a Senior School Librarian trying not to feel exasperated with the lack of reading time given to children at school but always trying to inspire a love of stories in even the most reluctant of readers. She loves to write and sometimes finds the courage to share her words on her blog, Tales Before Bedtime.

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