A Window Breaks by C.M.Ewan


It’s 2am.

You are safely asleep in bed.

A noise wakes you.

You stir, unsure why, and turn to your partner.

Then you hear it. Glass. Crunching underfoot.

Someone is inside your home.

You can stay and fight. Or run.

What would you do?

In C. M. Ewan’s thrilling novel A Window Breaks, can a family survive being targeted for death at a remote Scottish hideaway? Perfect for fans of T. M. Logan’s Lies and Mark Edwards’ The Retreat.


My thoughts

This was a fast-paced engrossing read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Sullivan family are broken and in desparate need of a quiet place to lick their wounds.  Only months after their sons death in a car crash they become victims of a violent mugging.  So when Tom Sullivan’s boss, Lionel, offers them his secluded escape in the Highlands they grab the chance to try and put what’s left of their small family back together.   Tom feels only that he has failed his family.  Failed to protect his wife and daughter from the mugger, and failed to stop his son from going (uncharacteristically) off the rails by stealing and crashing their car… and killing both himself and his teenage girlfriend in the process. Something he’s never quite been able to forgive his son for.  The loss and shame has been almost too much for the family to bear.

Now their only thought is protecting their young teenage daughter Holly who has been left severly beaten from the mugging.   A few days away seems the perfect medicine and the borrowed secluded house in the Highlands – with state of the art security – the perfect setting.  Nothing is getting past that security, for now they can feel safe.

Their escape very soon becomes a nightmare and their sanctury a prison when they are awoken in the dead of night and realise someone is in the house with them.  It soon becomes clear that the intruders are no friends and before long the family are running for their lives on a property from which there is no escape.  Why do these men want to harm them and why does Tom feel there is something that his wife hasn’t told him?

Events soon take a sinister turn and Tom must question everything he believed to be true about his life and his family.  They are in this together and there is noone to help them survive against the brutality of two men who only seem to want them dead.  This is a wonderfully thrilling novel that will keep you reading long into the night and have you asking yourself ‘what would I do in that situation?’

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Pan Macmillan for my review copy of A Window BreaksThis is a brilliantly engrossing read and one I thoroughly recommend.

About the author

original_400_400Chris Ewan is the critically acclaimed and bestselling author of many mystery and thriller novels. Chris’s first standalone thriller, Safe House, was a number one bestseller in the UK and was shortlisted for The Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award. He is also the author of the thrillers Dead Lineand Dark Tides and the Kindle Single short story, Scarlett Point. He is the author of The Good Thief’s Guide to . . . series of mystery novels. The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam won the Long Barn Books First Novel Award and is published in thirteen countries.

Born in Taunton in 1976, Chris graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in American Studies with a minor in Canadian Literature, and later trained as a lawyer. After eleven years living on the Isle of Man, he recently returned home to Somerset with his wife, their daughter and the family labrador, where he writes full time.

A Window Breaks is published by Pan Macmillan.  It is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

You can follow Chris Ewan on Twitter at @chrisewan




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