Christmas Eve Book Love

Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year. It sparkles and shimmers with anticipation and is the one day where, if you are lucky enough, you can literally feel Christmas all around you. Last minute preparations, got chocolate or mulled wine and some Christmas carols or films as we settle in for the day itself.

Christmas Eve boxes are now incredibly popular and as a past recipient (thanks sis) it does add that little extra excitement for the day. This isn’t (or it doesn’t have to be) about consumerism. It’s about a few little treats to share at Christmas time. These could include a sachet of hot chocolate, a favourite Christmas dvd or a set of snuggly Christmas socks or pyjamas. Anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and given with love.

Since the Second World War the people of Iceland have been celebrating Jolabokaflod, a tradition in which books are gifted on Christmas Eve. The evening is then spent reading with a mug of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. This sounds to me like the perfect antidote to all the stresses and strains that can come with the festive period.

I love buying books as gifts. Not only are they easy to wrap but you get so much for your money. A full priced book isn’t an expensive gift. You can also pick up some amazing finds in charity shops meaning even the most cash-strapped amongst us can find a little bookish magic to pass on to our loved ones.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting some of the books that I feel make great gifts this Christmas. They will be a variety of titles for kids, teens/YA and adult readers so do keep your eyes peeled. You never know you might find the next best read for your beloved (or even for yourself).

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